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April 25,2014

TYPICAL Blueprint for 2014 - ZhuYin, General Manager of TYPICAL, Answers to CSM Journalist

CSM: Reviewing 2013, what kind of work has TYPICAL Company conducted and what results have you achieved? What foundation has these work laid on for further development?
ZhuYin: Under post-industrialization background, we have defined our strategy as world-oriented precise machinery manufacturer and scheme provider; our major business covers sewing machine, precise machinery parts, machine and mold manufacture, and automation control technology. We have been successively reforming our service in parts and automatic sewing unit as well as improving supporting ability for precision machinery and serviceability of customized special type machine. With the brand HIGHLEAD being absorbed into our industry, the Companys main business scale has been further expanded. Presently, we have to set foot in our main business ,continuously improve ability in industrial sewing machine and achieve specialization, professionalization and internationalization by resource integration and business complement .Through enhancing main business, we will gradually extent to precision manufacture industry.
In 2013, TYPICAL still propelled technological innovation platform construction, forming a research and specialized development system and an innovation mechanism featured by multinational, cross-industry, wide field and multimode. We have continuously transformed technology Research and development from imitation to integrated innovation. In TEXPROCESS2013, it is VETRON 5374 machine that won the German technological innovation prize. Meanwhile, we have undertaken several key projects in national science and technology oriented plan as well as professional energy conservation and high-efficient breakthrough project and professional standard formulating works. Our patented technology was fold increased.
During CISMA 2013, VETRON has formally been issued in China market, which signed our multi-brand operation system had already been established. Our brand framework which is composed of TYPICAL, VETRON, HIGHLEAD has relatively distinct target location as well as overall arrangement and complementary coordination in market, channel and client operation .We comprehensively satisfied diversification, multilevel market demand and extensively transferred value to domestic and foreign client deeply.
As the main involved company in quality improving project of China Sewing Machine Association, TYPICAL did a power of works in quality promotion. Our quality system achieved vertical management, which got down to manufacturing line making process control most timely and directly. We always regard clients satisfaction as the only quality criteria. Therefore, as a Total Employee Involvement matter, quality will be well accomplished throughout our company.
CSM: In your view, what will be the development trend be in 2014 sewing machine industry? What opportunity and challenge that such trend will bring to TYPICAL? Which significant acts for development that company will have next year?
ZhuYin: Seeing from market demand and judging from 2014 apparel industry trend, sewing machine industry is supposed to be steady next year. However, we consider that return to product quality is necessary in an industrial competition view, but only seeking low price couldnt become a normal state and a main measure in industrial competition. Technologically, we could know from CISMA 2013 that more and more partial-automation products have solved the issue of garment processing. This trend will be increasingly visible in 2014. In the view of marketing, continuously strengthening serviceability has already been of consensus.
In 2014, TYPICAL will insist in striving in Research and development, brand operation and product quality promotion, as well as competing in technology rather than in price. First of all, we should adhere to product quality. Making the top quality by standing from client is the foundation in market competition. Currently, our key point is to keep abreast with world-class companies in lockstitch sewing machine and special machines. Secondly, our company has established 3 brand framework and specialized production system in different areas such as garment, suitcase and bag, shoes, cap, automobile and so on. Subsequently, we will give full play to our wide field advantage; concentrate on improving efficiency in production and stress on characteristic of integration in R&D for multi-function and additional value. Meanwhile, we will expand our new characteristic in different areas by resource integration and endeavor to promote system solving capacity facing different areas.
CSM: Since 2012 officially posted, TYPICAL attracted much attention and expectation. Will you please introduce existing Status of this brand and major development plan in 2014?
ZhuYin: VETRON is not only the leader of state-of-the-art, but also the dominant power in advanced precision machinery manufacture confronting top client in the field of garment, shoes, cap, automobile, furniture etc. globally. We found TYPICAL Europe in Kaiserslautern Germany, which owns centuries of deposits in sewing machine production. Since establishment, TYPICAL continuously issued state-of-the-art, the brand VETRON is a significant fruit of internationalization strategy; in 2010, the R&D of its product series representing the highest technical and service level was beginning. First displayed in TEXPROCESS2011, VETRON won the German technological innovation prize for its original X-Feed technology. 2012, VETRON officially entered European and American market as a brand and firstly transferred extraordinary Value experience to high-end client.
Nowadays, over 3-year development, X-Feed has been applied to more types of machines and provided with more stable sewing performance. The position of VETRON is facing European and American luxury brands, premium garment brands and high-end precision manufacture etc. Its products series are wholly developing. The basic type of production represented by VETRON 5000 intelligent sewing machine accomplished technology transformation and started batch production in China.
During CISMA 2013, VETRON officially entered Asian market and VETRON 5000 acquired first prize of CISMA 2013 excellent new products. By that time, VETRON has been serving numerous European and American high-end garment brands, which represents the peak demand of sewing art.
VETRON is a high Level brand among garment and leather processing. The origin of its creativity which is the perfect combination of German project design concept and specialized service is based on meeting users requirement. The production is highly cost-effective and highly innovated. They set new professional standard through the use of electronic technology, which means the machine could be operated conveniently and interface friendly for users and maintenance people.
VETRON production contains sewing machine and fusing machine is mainly used for automobile seats and internal decoration, leather products, home decoration, premium moderate thick material and leather garment. Fusing products are mainly used in automobile, underwear area etc. The hot-blast sticking series which awarded German big prize is mainly used in seamless sewing such as sportswear, outing costume and functional garments. Presently, VETRON 5000 single needle heavy material basic type machine have already achieved batch production and marketing, VETRON 5374 hot-blast sticking machine will selling in the batch in 2014, double-needle, long arm, postbed, cylinder bed type machine will be successively issued within one or two years.
Next, we will define the market objectives and operation model for VETRON in Asian. First of all, we will set up technology and service center for VETRON Asian in Xian. Since VETRON has many advanced techniques, technical and sales personnel of dealer will be trained in depth by us. Subsequently, we will carry out marketing as well as strengthen information exchange and share with excellent agents inside the area based on VETRON Asian technology and service center. If conditions permit, we will set up multiplex cooperation and cooperation network based on value chain as well as seek a new marketing model in domestic market.