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October 10,2013

Three Brands Deduce Intelligence, Integration and Wide Range Together


      China International Sewing Machinery & Accessories Show 2013 (CISMA2013) was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from September 25 to September 28. 1,218 enterprises from 21 countries at home and abroad took part in the show with the accumulated number of present audiences of 48,500. The exhibition booth of the company was located in A02 of Hall W1. The exhibition booth of HINGLEAD worked in concert with the main exhibition booth of the company. The theme of the show was “Intelligence, Integration and Wide Range” which highlighted the latest achievements of technological innovation and brand building.
     VETRON Brand, Perfect “First Show” in Chinese Market
      VETRON, a high-end brand of the company, was officially released to Chinese market and completed the “First Show’ in Chinese market the night before CISMA2013, which symbolized the formal entry of the company into Asian market. It is a German brand owned by Chinese people. VETRON became the highlight of this show that attracted most attention upon its first appearance. Some customers expressed, “VETRON series products are undoubtedly the greatest highlight of this show. So to speak, it has started the precedent of unmanned production in modern fashion industry.”
      In 2009, after the establishment of Xi’an Standard European Co., Ltd., cutting-edge technologies leading the industry have been continuously put forward. In 2010, the research and development of VETRON series products were started; in Texprocess 2011 held in Frankfurt, VETRON product obtained technological innovation award of Germany during its first show. VETRON series products have won this award again this year; in 2012, VETRON formally entered European and American brands as a brand. Today, it has already formed complete technical routes and product series. VETRON brand products have two series, namely, sewing and stitching. Currently, VETRON is serving numerous high-end fashion brands customers in Europe and the United States.

     Coordination and Complementation of Three Brands
      In CISMA2013, the three brands of the company, i.e. TYPICAL, VETRON, and HINGLEAD, joined together and appeared in China as differential brand images for the first time. These three brands exhibited different brand orientations, different product series and different technological innovations and brought super-value experience to the visiting customers with a coordinated and complementary posture.
      VETRON brand highlighted by the company is not only a leader of cutting-edge technologies but also a leading force facing global top customers in such areas as clothing, shoes & hats, luggage, automobile and furniture and focusing on global high-end precision machinery manufacturing. The multi-brand system of the company has already been formed upon the release of this brand. TYPICAL, VETRON and HINGLEAD have relatively clear target orientations, and they are arranged as a whole concerning market, channel and customer operation to supplement each other, so as to comprehensively satisfy diversified and multi-level market demands and extensively and profoundly deliver values to domestic and foreign customers.
     Customized Products Based on Customer Demands Receive Extensive Favor
      In CISMA2013, the products of the company participating in the show developed along the direction of solving specific demands of customers in terms of design, which not only reflected the existing high technological content, but also agreed with the actual technical routes of the customers. Machine types like lock-type and chain-type automatic waist sewing machines, direct-driven automatic trimming and sewing machine fitted with back drag, cutting and wrapping integrated machine and automatic hem folding flat seaming machine were unique and brand-new presentations in the whole show. 6 products represented by VERTON5000 obtained “CISMA2013 Excellent New Product Award”.
      There were eye-catching machine types among series products of all three brands, among which special machine types like electronic chevron seam machine, automatic eyelet punching machine, automatic lockstitch hemming machine, automatic waist sewing machine and automatic pants loop machine were especially highlighted. Multiple machines applying continuous charging technology among flat seam series and long-arm template machine used for site sewing of down jackets were appraised by customers as always. GC6730MD3/P direct-driven back-drag automatic trimming and sewing machine solved difficulties of crinkle of chiffon after water washing in a favorable way. A customer indicated that he was much surprised that finally such a machine helped him solve the difficulty in the show.
      The down jacket production line exhibited by the company through uniting of social resources fully revealed the advantages of template sewing, thus not only delivering new production concept to the customers but also enabling customers to directly feel the transfer of company marketing from product promotion to customer demands so as to realize a win-win situation for multiple parties, including customers, company and partners.
     Successful Ending of “Typical Cup”
     “Typical Cup” National Sewing Machine Maintainer Skill Competition lasting for five years and successfully held for three times was successfully ended in Shanghai New International Expo Center Square on September 27. 51 players from eight regions nationwide showed their exquisite skills again. “Standard Cup” held for five continuous years had a lasting charm with increasing social influence. The competition itself has already become a name card and a brand of the industry. The company has also passed on an management concept of “Customer First” and interpreted the core values of “Profession and Cooperation” through exhibition of technologies, output of knowledge and communication of viewpoints while taking social responsibilities.