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24 June,2013

Companys Three Prestigious Brands Were Eye-catching in Frankfurt


      On June 10-13, the biennial Texprocess Frankfurt (Texprocess 2013) opened on schedule in beautiful Frankfurt.The companies, such as Durkopp, Brother, Juki, Pegasus, Yamato, Sunstar, Siruba and other international well-known brands companies also took part in the exhibition.The most advanced equipments and technologies representing international first-class clothing production and textiles processing converged here, which could be called as wind vane of the world sewing equipment technological progress. With international vision and image, the company’s three prestigious brands such as VETRON, TYPICAL and Highlead competed with world famous brands and witnessed this grand industry technology gathering.
      The companys theme for this time exhibition is: “Seams amazing”, and with butterfly wings and tortoise shell product image advertisement, which means the company’s ultimate seeking for extreme thickness and thinness performance. On the 308m2 exhibition booth, VETRON and TYPICAL showed respective brand positioning in differentiated brand image.The white machine and yellow ornament alternated among grey-dominated VETRON exhibition area, and the spirituality was revealed from the steadiness and honor, which represented refreshing feeling. The exhibition area surrounded by several VETRON products attracted exhibitors to visit. In a sharp contrast to VETRON brand positioning, the blue tone-based TYPICAL exhibition area maintained consistent professional style, and various series of mid and high-end products such as flat bed sewing series, over seaming series, flat seaming series and automatic sewing equipments was put in order, which highlights the international image.
      This time, the company put nearly 40 sets of automated more machine types on display. The displayed products are high grade with wide range of application, can meet the needs of more users, have outstanding performance from garments thin material to the medium and heavy-weight materials of leather, car, furniture, etc, and to sewing and processing of science and technology fabric. Among VETRON series products, the ultrasonic bonding machine used for medical supplies, outdoor supplies, aviation supplies and other technology fabric sewing&processing and the air heater won “Innovation Award 2013” became the highlights attracted the exhibitors’ attention. With winning an award during Texprocess2011, with more than three years development and higher quality sewing effect, X - Feed technology has been applied to more machine types. Adopting optical fiber technology, the precision of GN3000 automatic trimming high speed over seaming sewing machine is greatly increased. After upgrading and updating, the performance of GC6280 high-speed direct drive automatic trimming flat bed sewing machine is more superior. To highlight the characteristics of low noise, low vibration, automatic humanized-saving, TW3-441, TW1-591 - MD3, TW3 - P335 - D2 - T3 and other several types of heavy-duty sewing machine adopted micro-oil lubrication technology, new type feeding mechanism and super large rotary hook. In another booth, for European market, with excellent performance of energy saving and efficient, more than 10 sets medium and heavy-duty sewing machine launched by Highlead also won the exhibitors’ favor.
      The company booth was always bustling, and the visitors and negotiating partners came to company booth in an endless stream. Within 4 days, we received more than 3000 agents and end customers from Europe, North Africa, Middle East, West Asia and other regions. The distributors said, seeing the company improving in brand differentiation, technological innovation etc, they felt very gratified and full of confidence in further cooperation with the company. ElgarStraub, the executive director of Verband Deutscher Maschinen Und Anlagebau (hereinafter referred to as the VDMA) and Clothing & Leather Technology Association, Yang Xiaojing, secretary-general of China Sewing Machinery Association, and YASUIGIHIRO, the president of JASMA, visited successively the company booth, carried on a thorough exchange with company leaders for the current economic and market conditions, and gave a high evaluation on company exhibition.
      During the exhibition, Li Guanghui, as China sewing machinery industry representative, vice chairman of China Sewing Machinery Association, president of the company, attended the German, Japan, China and U.S. sewing association breakfast meeting organized by VDMA. President Li briefly introduced the current development situation of Chinas industry, and carried on the exchange with other delegates.
      After several years of cultivation and development in Europe and Africa, the company has made remarkable achievements in market development, market share keeps improving, brand awareness goes increasing. Distributors and users increased rapidly, and the service fields included clothing, shoes&bag leather products, car, home textile products and other industries, which includes the world famous brand of clothing accessories. Through the Texprocess exchange and trading platform, the company provided users face to face with high-quality procurement solutions, met a wider range of customer needs with new and high technology, high quality and diversity of products, and provided development opportunities and broad space for the company’s technology innovation and expansion cooperation.