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April 12,2013

Our Company Undertakes the National Science and Technology Support Project Again

      Recently, the program tasks seminar of the Innovative Application Demonstration Project of Shaanxi Province NC Generation I Machinery Products (abbreviated as NC Generation I Project hereinafter) was held in Xi’an Jiaotong University. Our company attended the meeting and gave an account of the annual plan of the undertaken work.
      NC Generation I Project was launched in early 2013, organized by the Science and Technology Department of Shaanxi Province, and the first undertaking unit is Xi’an Jiaotong University. Xi’an Typical Industries Co., Ltd. undertakes key & common technology research of NC technology application and demonstration to industrial sewing equipment industry.
      Our company mainly undertakes two tasks: 1, solve the NC and popularization of application and demonstration high -- end sewing equipment products in Shaanxi Province, 2, solve the promotion and popularization of sewing equipments’ digitization design and technology optimization, the focus of former lies in the development and popularization of the sewing NC equipments and products, and the latter focus on improving the companys product design technology and the products’ NC level.
      After TYPICAL undertake the R&D of typical efficient & energy-saving sewing equipment project in 2011, this time, our company undertakes the National Science and Technology Support Project Again National science and technology support project is geared to the needs of national economic and social development, focuses on solving major scientific and technological issues in the economic and social development, focuses on solving the major technical issues involved in overall situation, cross-industry, cross-regional, makes arduous efforts to overcome a number of key technologies, break through the bottleneck restriction, enhance industrial competitiveness, and provide support for Chinas coordinated development of the economy and society.