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August 17, 2012

The Company Has Won the National Light Industry Advanced Group of Scientific and Technological Innovation during the “11th Five Year”

    On August 7th, 2012, the National Light Industry Technology Conference was held in Beijing. During this conference, it has recommended and awarded the outstanding collectives and individuals who have made great contributions in the field of scientific and technological innovation during the “11th Five Year” period. The company was granted the “Advanced Group of the 11th Five-Year National Light Industry Technology Progress and Technological Innovation”.
    The company has made great effort in propelling innovation of R & D system mechanism. It has firstly established among industry enterprises the high-end research and development subsidiary--- The Xian Standard Europe Ltd. Facing occidental markets, the subsidiary acts as a High-end R & D Center, Differentiated Products Manufacturing Center, Marketing Center and Customer Service Center to timely provide and convey, by the localization of research, production, channels and services, the latest value to high-end customers in Europe and America and to prompt the TYPICAL brands international influence. It has established the “Shaanxi Energy Efficient Sewing Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center” which has been successfully passed the acceptance. The center, integrated with production, science and research, is a provincial technology innovation of Shaanxi “13115” contributed to the intelligent operation of sewing equipments, efficient production, energy saving, resolution of the diversified questions raised by garment and textile industry, and the technology research and equipment development involved in green manufacturing. The Xian Standard Europe Ltd operates independently. It restructures the special machine business unit in the field of marketing and legal person. It serves to realize, through the flexible market-oriented mechanisms, the high-quality machine assembly, customized ordering level and the enhancement of the rapid response capacity toward market demands.
    Undertaking and completing a series of research projects. The company has undertaken the National Development and Reform Commission’s “National High-tech Industrialization Demonstration Project in the Embedded Software System for Serialized Intelligent Sewing Equipment”, “National Enterprise Technology Center Innovation Capacity Building Project”, “GC672 series computer direct-drive lockstitch sewing machine” of Science and Technology Department of Shaanxi Province and many other national, provincial and ministerial research projects. The research and development topic of high efficiency and low torque flat sewing machine has been listed in the National Science and Technology Support Program.
    Realizing a batch of R & D achievements. The company has completed the direct-driving of whole series of products. “Standard” brand computer controlled and direct driven energy saving product, auto-sewing unit are positioned at leading technology and market leadership in the industry. The R & D achievements of European company have been treated as brand concept released in high-level market of Europe and America. VETRON brand brings firstly a new experience for the American and European customers. Represented by GC6760MD3 - X, the six models are the only ones that passed dual certification of energy saving and environmental protection by China Quality Certification Center among domestic and foreign counterparts. In 2011, two technology of the “standard" brand were granted the Technical Innovation Award in exhibition of Frankfurt, Germany, which is the first time that china’s manufacturing brand gained the official award of developed countries.