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June 12,2012

A Robust Team from TYPICAL Attended the Turkish Exhibition

    On May 31, the Twenty-third International Clothing and Embroidering Machine and Spare Parts Trade Fair was held in the capital of Turkey, Istanbul, 60 kinds of automation machine of TYPICAL exhibited there were greatly pursued by the traveling merchants in the exhibition.
    TYPICAL and local most famous agent YUKI Corporation jointly participated in the exhibition. TYPICAL had occupied 280 sqm for products exhibition with a large number of exhibited products. In views of higher requirements of Turkey in sewing machine, the Company exhibited many high-end products including lockstitch series, whipstitch series, interlock stitch series and automatic sewing machine, which had captured a lot of attention.
    During the four-day exhibition, depending on its reliable quality, excellent performance and high brand influence, TPICAL won the favor of traveling merchants from over 40 countries and regions including Egypt, Greece, Italy and Germany. Speaking of the new-promoted products of TYPICAL in Turkey Exhibition, the merchants from countries like India specially came to visit and negotiate. At the same time, the journalists from nearly 10 Turkey televisions, broadcasting stations and print media made an interview at the exhibition position.
    The traveling merchants consulted and visited enthusiastically, and tested some machines on site. They all thought highly of the various products with high added value. Mr. GERMI, in charge of YUCI Corporation, said, in recent years, TYPICAL has upgraded the products in structure adjustment, especially the products, such as, GC6730, GC6760-X, etc. had been rapidly put into the market. In this way, the product level was improved and TYPICAL product line was widened, thus meeting more users needs so as to greatly strengthen the market competitive capability.
    The sewing machine market in Turkey has been the “Battlefield of History” for a long time. Turkey is the big manufacturing country in textiles and clothing and the third clothing exported country in the world. Because of the geological advantages, a lot of Europe enterprises set their manufacturing bases in Turkey and invest a large amount of money on machine modification and introduction. In this exhibition, some world-famous brands including Zhongji, Brothers, Yinjian, Dahe, Taiwan Rixing, Baoshi, Jieke, and Zhongjie have gathered here to promote their high-level and serialized products.
    As one of the Chinese brands into Turkey market earliest, TYPICAL has always been engaged in the market development in Turkey with good results. The high-end products including the non-oil direct-drive computer lockstitch sewing machine, electric knot tying machine, and electric button-sewing machine of TYPICAL have enjoyed an increasing market share in Turkey with great popularity, which has become the representative brand of Chinese sewing machine. The exhibition has strengthened the exchanges and communications with clients, which will better speed up the R & D of the new products. With the high-quality and various products sold well there, more clients will be satisfied more extensively.
    During the exhibition, TYPICAL and YUKI Corporation reached an agreement that the technical and sales personnel would be assigned to have an exchange and training in the Europe Branch located in Germany of Xi’an Typical Co., Ltd. so as to make full technical preparations in opening up the Turkey market for Weiteng series products.