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June 12,2012

The Company Made Professional Cooperation with Japanese Enterprise in Automation Sewing Machine Field

    On Jun. 8, the signing ceremony for the Company and Japanese HAMS Joint-stock Corporation was held in the headquarters, which marked the comprehensive technical cooperation between them would be carried out in automation sewing machine field.
    At the signing ceremony, the Company General Manager, Zhu Yin, first launched a speech on behalf of the Company, he said, at present, with the trend of increasing demanding in individualization, customization and automation sewing machine as the clothing industry develops and labor market changes, TYPICAL and Japanese HAMS Company made cooperation in automation machine, which was a critical part in technical improvement of sewing machine industry and processing transformation of clothing industry. The cooperation would further play a significant role in improving the automation sewing machine level which could support the rapid and stable promotion of the machine meeting the needs of clients so as to make the successive product initiative. At the same time, he hoped they could make fruitful achievements in automation sewing machine through their mutual efforts.
    When talking about the mutual cooperation, Gongdi, the President of Japanese HAMS Joint-stock Corporation, said, the cooperation was the first important step to expand the domestic business in China for HAMS Corporation. So he held full confidence and placed high hopes in the future cooperation. HAMS Corporation has been devoted to the exploration and research in supporting automation design and manufacturing field of the sewing machine, accumulating rich experience; further, it has conducted close cooperation with international first-level sewing machine manufacturers. In China, TYPICAL has the same long history, solid technical strength and high-quality production abilities as well as the popular brand at home and abroad in manufacturing industry of sewing machine. He hoped the respective recourses in technology, manufacturing and management could be fully used, promoting the cooperation to a higher level. In this way, the win-win technical cooperation in China-Japan sewing machine could be achieved.
    Later, the Company General Manager Zhu Yin and the Japanese HAMS Joint-stock Corporation President Gongdi respectively signed the contract on behalf. The Technology Department and Typical Electromechanical Personnel in charge of the Company accepted the technical materials of HAMS Corporation.
    The leaders and personnel from the R & D Department, Sales Department and Functional Department jointly witnessed the signing ceremony.