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May 2nd,2012

Intelligence, Diversification------Typicals Participation in Texprocess Americas 2012

    From April 24th, 2012 to April 26th, 2012, two brands owned by Typical, TYPICAL, VETRON participated in Texprocess Americas 2012 held in Atlanta, USA, in which the brand VETRON was officially shown for the first time at an international exhibition.
    Texprocess Americas 2012 was jointly organized by the Sewn Products Equipment & Suppliers of the Americas (SPESA) and Messe Frankfurt (USA) Ltd., whose predecessor was SPESA Fair. The exhibition provided users and producers of sewing machinery products the opportunities to come into contact with machinery, equipment, parts, supplies, systems, technology, supply chain solutions and the leading international manufacturers and distributors of other products and services which were used for development, manufacturing and distribution of sewing products. Over the same period, Techtextil North Americas will also be held. The two exhibitions will generate synergies.
    This time, the particification theme of the company was "intelligence, diversification". The exhibition faced the high-end new technologies and new products such international markets as American and European markets, especially the American market. The exhibition provided products which match the demands of the local clothing, bags, cars and other related industries.
    What was different from the past was that the company officially launched the technical concept, VETRON, which owned Technology Innovation Award of the last year as a brand new high-end brand. VETRON was shown for the first time in Texprocess Americas2012. Products of the brand VETRON was divided into two main categories, i.e. sewing machine for thick materials and ultrasonic fusing machine. Sewing machines for thick materials were mainly used for thick materials sewing of the automotive industry and household goods, such as chairs, sofas, curtains and so on. Ultrasonic fusing machines were mainly used for fabric sewing in the field of technology, such as medical supplies, air bags, outdoor products and aviation products, etc. VETRON brought the customers integrated experiences of quick respond, diversified function and the electronic control system. As the R&D result of TYPICAL (EU) Ltd., the brand positioning of VETRON was to be led by the German philosophy, to take German technology as the core, to become a high-end brand mainly for high-end customers and to be the first to deliver the value experience to the European and American customers.
    The company also displayed a variety of products which are focused on customer needs, such as GC6760MD3-X, BASS3200, GC6730MD3, etc., among which, direct drive, continuous feeding, automatic line cutting flat bed sewing machine of GC6760MD3-X series adopted X-FEED technology, which also owned Technology Innovation Award of the last year. The thread tension of the machine was decreased by 35% compared to the previous flat bed sewing machine products, the double feed dog structure provided a smooth, continuous feed and effectively prevented split-level of the sewing materials and made sewing operation more smooth and efficient when smooth and thin material was used for sewing. The product was a groundbreaking design result of the company on manufacturing technology of flat bed sewing machine.
    The exhibition was jointly participated by TYPICAL (EU) Ltd. and local agents of America. The agents also displayed some products which adapted to local customer needs in the exhibition. The exhibition received customers from the United States, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Canada, Japan (Yasui Yoshihiro, honorary president of the brother company) and customers from other areas. VETRON series products won unanimous praise of the businessmen and the international image of TYPICAL has been further improved.