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May 2nd,2012

The Fisrt Appearance of VETRON at High-End Markets as a Brand Concept


    VETRON, a technical concept which own Technology Innovation Award in Texprocess 2011, appeared again in Texprocess Americas 2012 this year. But this time, it appeared as a brand new high-end brand image and the appearance was seen as the official launch of the brand VETRON.
    As the R&D result of TYPICAL (EU) Ltd., the brand positioning of VETRON was to be led by the German philosophy, to take German technology as the core, to become a high-end brand mainly for high-end customers and to be the first to deliver the value experience to the European and American customers.
    As a brand identity of visual communication, “V” in VETRON represented the unity of vitesse (speed) and variable (diversity); "ETRON in VETRON represented electronical (electronic). From the two key elements, the brand personality of VETRON can be reflected, that is, to bring the customers integrated experiences of quick respond, diversified function and the electronic control system.
    As a new generation of sewing machine brand owned by TYPICAL, VETRON passed three experiences to the customers: the first experience was from the visual impact of the European element to advanced German technology, which were reflected in every detail from the inside out; the second was to carefully select and cultivate distribution channels with good technical background and good service capabilities and enable the customers to experience high-end technology and service concepts; the third was to be closer, to excavate demands of the customers and to concern about every aspect associated with the customer. As a high-end brand, what VETRON brought to the customers were not only the advanced performance of the products, but also the all-around quality experience enjoyed by the customers in the whole process of exchanges, purchasing and service.
    Modularization of VETRON means to respectively design function modules the sewing machine into large components, to realize conversion of different modules and functions through the replacement of modules. In that way, hundreds of products can be assembled. Products of the brand VETRON was divided into two main categories, i.e. sewing machine for thick materials and ultrasonic fusing machine. Sewing machines for thick materials were mainly used for thick materials sewing of the automotive industry and household goods, such as chairs, sofas, curtains and so on. Ultrasonic fusing machines were mainly used for fabric sewing in the field of technology, such as medical supplies, air bags, outdoor products and aviation products, etc. For customers, the assembly of products of VETRON series greatly shortened the delivery time of the sewing machine; it was convenient and saved us lots of time; it was accurate and efficient and it facilitated the operation of the customers through autonomous control software. Fully automated design can make the diversified functions of sewing machines to be easily achieved.