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October 28,2011

Intelligence, Efficiency—Typical’s Participation in CISMA2011


      From Sep. 27 till 30, 2011, China International Sewing Machinery & Accessories Show (abbreviated as CISMA2011 hereinafter) was ceremoniously held at New International Expo Centre, Shanghai. Themed by “Quality, Benefit, Green”, revealed the industry was oriented to a new development mode characterized by Quality, Benefit, Green rather than scale expansion and resources consumption production formerly. According to latest data of the organizer CSMA, with coverage up to 103,500 sqm, this show with totally 1,182 exhibitors attracted a large batch of participants and visitors up to 49,827 person/time.
      On the 4-day show, the latest equipment and technology representing state-of-art garment producing and textile processing were clustered here, showing the typical topmost technology and product of the globally sewing machinery industry. It acts as a wide platform for many enterprises to release their new technologies, products and strategies. On this show, themed by “Intelligence, Efficiency”, TYPICAL highlighted its technical path from reformation and innovation to efficiency and environmental protection under the guidance of new strategy.
      Brand Exhibition—Focus on Intelligence, Efficiency
      With coverage up to 775 sqm, TYPICAL’s booth located at W3-A02, a bit smaller than the last show, however, centrally revealed its theme “Intelligence, Efficiency”. Decorated with blue-white hues, it retained the concise, modern design style of CISMA2009. The 54 machines were distributed at 8 separate pavilions with a unique style on the whole show. Its perfect orderliness stresses features of all series of products to facilitate visitors’ central understanding.
      When demonstrating new technologies and models, TYPICAL invited customers and partners from all walks of life to witness IBM implementing ERP Project release on the platform of Oracle management software. In the course of new business model of TYPICAL boosting global strategy, development achievements are not only reflected in technology, but also in management. In fact, TYPICAL has been performing incessant transformation and upgrading. In 2011, TYPICAL earnestly cooperates with IMB a global consulting company and best worldwide Oracle management software to put Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) of Typical Industries. In May, the project was successfully put into operation upon release. By optimizing internal resources allocation, internal resources efficiency can be improved to tightly grasp customer requirement so as to match enterprise and customer. For TYPICAL, ERP is not only an information-based project, but also a catalyst for its strategic transformation.
      When talking about TYPICAL releasing achievements of management innovation, domestic agent ever said, “High performance product exhibition and management achievement show shall be combined well to get a clear picture of TYPICAL’s theme “Intelligence, Efficiency” from its product to the whole process of production and service with clear intelligent and international appeal.” Visitor even stated, “with a gorgeously beautiful booth 2 years ago, TYPICAL retained its international style. On this show, many exhibitors gradually strive for showing their overall images, with a remarkable change in booth pattern”. All-round exhibition has slowly being a trend. In this sense, with a high starting-point above others, TYPICAL has gained effects in enhancing its international image.
      Technical Path—From Reformation and Innovation to Efficiency and Environmental Protection
      TYPICAL participated with the theme of “Reformation” formerly; on CISMA2011 themed by “Quality, Benefit, Green”, TYPICAL participated with the theme of “Intelligence, Efficiency”. From 2009 till 2011, TYPICAL has been holding the operating philosophy of “Customer First” to goes a path from reformation and innovation to efficiency and environmental protection.
      On CISMA2011, its booth was crowded lively. It turned out TYPICAL that TYPICAL’s product portfolio with application integration direct drive technology was put in the spotlight of all everyone present. GC6760 high-speed sewing machine to which X-FEED continuous feeding technology applies is undoubtedly one of the impressive marks. A customer from Northeast China who repeatedly operated the machine, praised highly its superb sewing effect: “So wonderfully terrific!” Moreover, TC131 and TC134 pattern sewing machines with quick drafting and intelligent drafting technologies were also highly appreciated. Intelligent drafting technology mainly for complex pattern, stores and copies product photo to control system so as to sew finished product with less time and lower cost. It takes 2 min at most to do drafting once, greatly improving productivity effect. Electric heat cutoff thread end is used in automatic heavy-duty machine where thermal cutoff technology applies, to kink thread end and be not easily to release with high efficiency and precision. All these machines with novel technological achievements were popular among costumers, fully showing more urgent need in technological innovation oriented to customer demand. As a sewing machine manufacturer, TYPICAL shall slowly grow from “Research on Sewing Machine Technology” into “Research on Garment Technology and Material”. In this way, technician shall go to market, fully studying all burning issues of garment processing to further guide TYPICAL employees in developing more precise, finer product closer to customer.
      Industrial Responsibility—Skills Competition as a Talent Platform
      From Sep. 28 till 29, the 2nd “Typical Cup” National Sewing Machinery Occupational Professional Skills Competition Final undoubtedly became a hot spot on the show once more. Throughout the one-day-and-a-half duration, the pleasantly crowded field was heart-stirring. The event ended up with the national competition’s championship got by Xiong Juyi. Through 16 months, via fierce fight of all eight divisions, 43 players from every corner of the country was shortlisted for CISMA2011. This competition got a complete success.
      Compared with the 1st competition, this one, more mature and perfect, was closer to actual production flow of garment manufacturer and further embodied comprehensive strength of all the players. As the backbone enterprise, TYPICAL strives for its incessant development and focuses on high sense of responsibility to vigorously integrate all social resources. In this way, it can start with the skills competition in deep cooperation with garment manufacturer for the purpose of growth together with customers. Struggling for enlarging talent reserves in garment manufacturing is an effective approach to put TYPICAL’s operating philosophy of “Customer First” into practice. By the skills competition, all servicemen have improved their skills and offered precious proposals to and comments on the company so as to promote product enhancement, enrich production function for more closely meeting customer demands. As an integral part of CISMA2011, the grand competition went hand in hand with the show, giving a best opportunity for all players to closely learn development trend of sewing machinery in an all-round way and know TYPICAL’s product, technology and comprehensive strength.
      Themed by “Intelligence, Efficiency”, TYPICAL participated in CISMA2011, a global professional grand show, with the result of demonstrating its latest development and research achievements. It perfectly interpreted the show’s theme “Quality, Benefit, Green”. With successful ending of CISMA2011, TYPICAL will stick to the philosophy of “Customer First” continuously as before, enabling all customers on the same industrial chain to incessantly taste updated value in a “professional, cooperative” attitude.