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October 28,2011

TYPICAL first won the global sewing equipment industry energy-saving and environment-friendly certificate


      On the evening Sep. 27, the launching ceremony was held grandly in Shanghai for our company passing through China Quality Certification Center Energy-Saving and Environment-Friendly Certificate.
      Almost 500 persons including all leaders in the global agencies, cooperation institutions, company industry layout, Brother (Japan) Industry, Kondo Sewing Machine Company, Hirose International Trade, Sabun Industrial Co., Ltd., people from all walks of life and friends from the media, some on-the-job and retired employees attending CISMA2011came here to witness the historical moment jointly.
      Many leaders including BU Zhengfa, President of China Light Industry Association, HU Kai, Chairman of Xian Industrial Asset Management Co., Ltd., HE Ye, President of China Sewing Machinery Association, LIU Shengyou, Chairman of China Typical Industries Group Limited Company, Xia Jianjun, Director of Product Certification Department 2 of CQC, MENG Qi, Deputy Director of Occupational Testing Center of China Light Industry Association attended the ceremony for congratulations.
      Low carbon, high efficiency and humanity are TYPICAL’s innovation thoughts of promoting energy conservation, emission reduction, intelligent operation and diversified production of its sewing machinery. With its Europe GmbH as a platform, the company has effectively digested and integrated the advanced technologies and promoted a series of new generation technologies and products to guide garment technology optimization and extend the added experience value. Six kinds of basic type products mainly including GC6730 and GC6760 are the first to have passed CQC Energy-Saving and Environment-Friendly Certificate, and the 2 technologies i.e. continuous feeding and modularization developed by Europe GmbH have won the “Technology Innovation Award” issued by German Engineering Federation (VDMA).
      On CISMA2011, in coordination with the show theme of “Quality, Efficiency, Green” by China Sewing Machine Association, TYPICAL has centrally shown the integration direct driving, X-FEED continuously cloth feeding, fast and intelligent pattern making, heat fusing technologies applied to its 54 kinds of new type products and demonstrated the exhibition philosophy of "Intelligent, Efficiency ". TYPICAL has always held the operating philosophy of "Customer First" to put itself in it and find need for the purpose of operating the brand on the common value chain.
      On the ceremony, XIA Jianjun, Director of Product Certification Department 2 of CQC, National Bureau of Quality Inspection, WU Jianmin, Director of Shanghai Sewing Machine Research Institute, issued the certificate for TYPICAL. Xia Jianjun made a speech, he said, “CQC approved and set by Chinese government is the third professional certification organization recognized by some countries’ governments and international authority organizations; the energy-saving and environment-friendly certification is the independent product certification business launched by CQC. As a global sewing machine brand, the 6 products with independent research and development as achievements in technical level is the first in industry to pass CQC energy-saving and environment-friendly certification. In this way, it will be convenient for customers to select energy-saving products; also, it has taken the first ground-breaking step on the road of improving industry energy-saving and environment-friendly philosophy. Moreover, it goes a technical way from reformation and innovation to efficiency and environment-friendliness by sticking to the operating philosophy "Customer First". In this sense, TYPICAL owns frontier thinking and penetrating awareness.