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October 28,2011

TYPICAL’s 3 products won “National Sewing Machinery Industry ‘11th Five-Year Plan’ Technology Innovation Achievement Award”

      On Sep. 26, “National Sewing Machinery Industry ‘11th Five-Year Plan’ Technology Innovation Achievement Award” was announced in the 9th Member Conference & 1st session of 9th Council of China Sewing Machinery Association that 3 products of the company won the honour.
      The project aimed at implementing Guide to “Five-Year Plan” Sci-tech Development in sewing industry, inspecting the “Five-Year Plan” sci-tech development achievement of relevant enterprises so as to promote the industry technology progress and industry upgrading. Through procedures of specialist assessment group including primary assessment, site acceptance and public show, in the 76 application projects, totally 29 projects from 21 enterprises were awarded “Five-Year Plan” corresponding level sci-tech innovation achievement awards and special awards in sewing machinery industry. The company GC6280 series new type direct drive lockstitch sewing machine won the second prize; TC129 electric pattern sewing machine and TC764 automatic pocket attaching machine the third prize.
      The awarded GC6280 series new type direct drive lockstitch computerized sewing machine has technology innovation: design based on customer requirements to offer them the max. value; breakthrough machine case and cover design plan for convenient maintenance; change the bottom board color at will according to the requirements to satisfy individual needs; brand-new thread take-up lever protective cover design makes it possible to connect the upper cover without screws, with highly improved safety; the improvement and innovation in cutting, winding, backstitch, etc. have greatly improved its sewing efficiency with stronger operability; hidden presser foot lifting electromagnet and backstitch electromagnet design facilitates installation; independent oil supply plan, new type closed oil box for oil supply limits the oil pollution to the largest extent while giving more stable supply and enough lubrication; it owns the new generation control system of patent offices and software copyrights, further improving its property indexes such as precision, intelligence, efficiency, energy conservation, etc.
      TC129 electric pattern sewing machine has broken through the key technology of intelligent sewing, whose head adopts mini type actuating motor direct drive arm shaft with low noise and power consumption; advanced non-oil technology realizes clean sewing; distinct cloth X and Y feed mechanism is simple; the feed mechanism controlled by stepping motor can reach 0.01mm in sewing precision with perfect stitching; unique cloth feed mechanism features improved efficiency and compact size; the pattern can be generated itself or through USB port input; special functions such as automatic sticking trademark mechanism, location device, have applied for patent protection.
      TC764 automatic pocket attaching machine with high automation and intelligentization realizes multifunctional sewing control, automatic needle positioning, automatic stitching technology, automatic tacking sewing, slow startup, image change, pattern scaling, pattern turning, setting another sewing starting point, function display, etc. Besides, it makes full-automatic processing possible in laser or infrared cut piece location, automatic hemmer sewing, automatic speed change, automatic trim thread, man-machine dialogue user programming, etc.; it is controlled by computer with simple structure, energy conservation and environmental protection; it is convenient and easy to operate. High automation effectively reduces the labor strength.
      The awarded 3 products didn’t only win high praise from the examiners, but also were greatly appreciated by visitors in the exhibition. And the businessmen continuously came to our company’s booth to consult relevant questions or experience one machine or more personally.